We believe in going the extra mile for quality! Our quality investments include:

  • PCAB Accreditation
  • CQI Center of Excellence for Testing our Medications, People and Processes
  • Six Sigma Management System for Auditing and Tracking Our Procedures and Results
  • Ongoing Technical, Clinical and Customer Service Training for our Team

How do you know a pharmacy truly understands quality in its daily operations?

Quality is more than a word – it is understanding how all parts of the operation must work together to prevent mistakes and errors, it’s knowing the importance of the sophisticated operating policies and procedures, it’s knowing how to properly research, formulate, prepare and test a compounded medication. Ask your pharmacy about their quality programs, accreditations and certifications to ensure you make a good decision when choosing your pharmacy of choice!

Hoye’s is proud to be celebrating 29 years of compounding experience. We are one of the oldest community pharmacies dedicated to compounding only. Our expertise and knowledge contributes to our ongoing commitment to patient care and safety, while providing a necessary pharmacy service to patients with unique medication needs.

Click here to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our Quality Control/Regulatory policies.