Veterinarian Compounding for Equine, Domestic and Exotic Animals. No animal too large or too small!

At Hoye’s Pharmacy, we understand that pets aren’t just animals, they’re our furry, adopted children who have special needs, just like everyone else in the family. Veterinary Compounding can help you address your pet’s health issues.

Animals can present unique problems when it comes to medicine:

  • Limited selection of manufactured medications available for animals
  • Communication can be an issue – we can’t always talk to our pets about how they are feeling
  • Compliance can be a big issue when dosing veterinary medications – many animals don’t swallow capsules, don’t like the taste or just don’t want to take the medicine

A compounding pharmacy can customize a variety of veterinary medicines based on your veterinarian’s prescription. Sometimes your pet can’t or won’t swallow a capsule or tablet, or maybe they have an allergic reaction to one of the fillers in the medication or their stomach cannot tolerate it. Other times, they just don’t like the flavor. Whatever the reason or need, Hoye’s Pharmacy offers a wide variety of formulations, ingredients and unique bases to ensure your pets get the best medication possible. We can customize medications for all types of animals – No animal is too large or small! In addition to family pets, many zoos, aquariums and animal shelters have special needs for customizing medications.

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