Shelby Henry and Anna Abdnor, two of our star registered compounding technicians at Hoye’s Pharmacy, recently attended Professional Compounding Center of America, (PCCA) Quick Ed seminar held in Orlando, FL. The topic was compounding for dental practices and boy did they get a big dose of learning in the world of dentistry and compounding! In addition to learning about dental needs and how compounding pharmacies can help, they also participated in networking, sharing ideas, and problem solving.

The seminar was led by Verne Betlach, RPh, who explained how a compounding pharmacy can customize medications to fit just about any individual patient’s needs. Betlach explained some key points, beginning with basic conditions and diseases states that dentists turn to compounding pharmacists to treat. He also discussed specific in-office dental compounds and essential marketing tips.

One of our favorite compound ideas that got our attention was a Tetracaine Lollipop, which is used for the relief of severe pain of the oral mucosa or to numb the gag reflex. Strengths vary from 0.4%-4%. Patients should suck on lollipop for 10-20 seconds every 1-2 hours. These lollipops can be detailed to specific patient request, for example: sugar free, dye free, preservative free as well as any flavor can be added. This can also be used for pediatric doctors, geriatric patients, as well as dentists.

Good job Shelby and Anna!