Do you provide medications for Office Use?

The Florida Board of Pharmacy (FBOP) recently passed a new ruling Rule 64B16-27.700, regarding sterile medications and office use.  Effective June 22, 2014, the FBOP no longer allows 503A Traditional Compounding Pharmacies to provide any sterile medications for office use without being registered as an Outsourcing 503B facility.   Hoye's Pharmacy is not registered as a 503B facility and therefore cannot provide medications for office use.

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What happens once we receive the Rx?

Once we receive a prescription, the patient is called and we review the medication being ordered, obtain insurance information and answer any questions they may have.  As soon as we receive the patient’s approval to make the medication, the Rx is prepared and dispensed.

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How do I write a prescription for a compounded medicine?

Because compounding is patient specific, many physicians are not exactly sure how to write the prescription. That’s where we come in – simply call our clinical team and we’ll discuss your goals of therapy and make a recommendation on what to prescribe.

Prescriptions may be:

Called in: 813-839-8861 or 1-800-788-8123 Faxed in: 813-839-8941 or 1-888-879-5872 TIP: Always include a legibly printed name and phone number for both the prescriber and patient.

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How are you different than a “regular” pharmacy?

Unlike regular pharmacies that dispense medications that have been mass produced, each medication that we dispense is prepared in our lab. We work closely with our physicians to ensure we formulate a medication specific to the patients’ needs and goals of therapy.  Our lab is equipped with state of the art equipment and we do extensive research on ingredients and drug therapies to ensure the best medication is provided. We specialize in discussing and solving your medication problems so you can help your patients have a successful therapeutic outcome and feel better quickly!

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