Hoye’s Pharmacy = Excellence in Compounding Medications!

Compounding Medications are customized to mix active and non-active chemicals to formulate for specific human and veterinary patient needs based on a physicians’ prescription at compounding pharmacies.

Compounding Medications
Compounding Medications

Our Compounding Medications include:

Compounding Medications are not mass-manufactured, and are not available at chain drug stores.  Examples include

  • Medications which have been discontinued
  • Custom combination of medications for better patient compliance
  • Unusual strengths of medications
  • Unique delivery systems/dosage forms
  • Medications free of dyes, fillers and allergens

At Hoye’s Pharmacy, we value each and every one of our practitioners. You are the reason for our success and the backbone of our business. Our goal is to work with you as an extension of your practice to help you provide superior patient care in a cost effective manner.

Along with compounding medications, our Vitamin and Nutrition Department offers a wide variety of vitamins and supplements available over-the-counter.   Our nutrition specialists work with our customers to help them select healthy regimens using professional lines of pharmaceutical grade supplements. Our goal is to help patients achieve optimum health.

Call us today to schedule an appointment  with one of our Compounding Specialists to learn more about compounding and how it can benefit you and your patients.