Medicine can be challenging, especially in today’s fast paced, ever changing world. Our pharmacist team is here to help you provide the best solutions and services to your patients, while partnering with you to help you be successful.

Hoye’s Pharmacy specializes in the customization of medications and our highly trained pharmacy team realizes the importance of customizing our services to you. We take the time to understand your practice needs and offer solutions to help you provide your patients with the best therapeutic outcomes possible.

As a nationally recognized leader in pharmacy compounding, our clinical pharmacists are committed to serving you and your patients. The possibilities of solving medication issues and enhancing patient care are endless with compounding!

Contact a Hoye’s pharmacist to find out how Hoye’s Pharmacy programs and services can enhance the level of care you offer to your patients.

Our Pharmacist Team Offers Practitioners Individualized Options in Patient Care

From a compounding angle, a Hoye’s pharmacist can make recommendations such as:

  • Changing dosage forms from oral tablets or capsules to suspensions or creams
  • Removing fillers, dyes or other allergens from medications
  • Researching a medication you learned about at a recent conference
  • Accessing chemicals to make medications that are on back order or have been discontinued
  • Solving a recurring medication problem you see often in your practice
  • Combining medications to improve patient compliance and sometimes reduce side effects

Call a Hoye’s pharmacist today at (800) 788-8123 to discuss your patients’ medication solutions!

Think of Us as Your In-Office Pharmacist

Our clinical pharmacist team is here to serve you. Seeing a patient in your office that you’d like to consult with a pharmacist on a unique solution? Call Us! Only a phone call away, we can speak to you throughout your busy day to answer your questions and keep you on track. We believe in the triad of care (physician – patient – pharmacist) to provide the best care possible. Our pharmacists are available to make recommendations, research ideas and formulate pharmacy solutions for your patients, all day long!

New to compounding and want more clinical information? We can schedule a member of our team to meet you, at your convenience, to discuss compounding and why it can be an integral part of your practice. We can also schedule a meeting with a pharmacist to discuss specific topics of interest to you.  Or you can check out our reference article library at your convenience!

As a healthcare practitioner, you know that patient compliance with medication regimens can be an ongoing problem. Our pharmacist team can help you achieve better patient compliance with specific therapies. Ask a Hoye’s pharmacist today for more information.

PCAB_hoyes_pharmacy-300x135Every Hoye’s Pharmacist is Committed to Excellence

Every pharmacist at Hoye’s Pharmacy is committed to excellence. Did you know that less than 1% of compounding pharmacies in the US have earned the highest level of accreditation – PCAB Accreditation? We are proud to be one of them. Our pharmacist team continues to work diligently to ensure that all of our quality control programs and processes guarantee us the highest ratings possible for a compounding

CQI_hoyes_pharmacy• PCAB Accreditation

• CQI Dynalabs Center of Excellence

• Six Sigma Management System for Auditing and Tracking Our Procedures and Results

• Ongoing Technical, Clinical and Customer Service Training for our Pharmacy Team

Partner with a Hoye’s Pharmacist For the best Pharmacy Relationship Possible

We have a world class team of pharmacists hand-picked to provide you with solutions and information. We believe in partnering with our customers so each Hoye’s pharmacist can truly provide the “Triad Of Care” between physician, patient and pharmacist. As with any relationship, understanding your practice needs and the needs of your patients allows us the ability to offer the latest information in compounding for the best solutions possible.

The pharmacists at Hoye’s Pharmacy specialize in customizing medications for patients, known as the art and science of compounding. The possibilities are endless with compounding and we are able to formulate many different types of medications for many different types of therapies. If you have a patient that is not able to use proprietary, manufactured medications, call us – we can help you select a therapeutic compounded solution specifically for them!

Call a Hoye’s Pharmacist at (800) 788-8123 for more information.

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