As women age, their health concerns change. Little girls, young women, women of child bearing years, menopausal women and geriatric women all have different needs at different stages in their lives. The need for certain vitamins/supplements varies according to what stage of life you are in. Vitamin needs also vary based on your overall health and your health goals. Although their needs/concerns may be similar, every woman is a very unique individual. Making the right decisions about their vitamin/supplements is important for achieving and maintaining the best women’s health possible.

womens-healthWhat are the main women’s health concerns?

Our female customers have a lot of different health concerns, but the more frequently asked questions we see regarding women’s health are:

  • How do I achieve Hormonal Balance? – from PMS symptoms to peri-menopausal to menopausal symptoms, women are looking for ways to balance their hormonal health.  Hoye’s clinical team is highly trained in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and offers self-administered saliva test kits for testing hormone levels.
  • Cancers, especially Breast, Ovarian and Skin Cancers.  Women are constantly asking for ways to protect against these cancers or how to properly use vitamins when undergoing cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy.
  • Bone health issues, such as osteoporosis. Of the estimated 8.9 million Americans affected by osteoporosis, at least 80% are women. Supplementing with bone formulas including calcium and magnesium may help strengthen bone health and decrease bone loss.
  • Stress – too much stress can cause a lot of different types of problems. High blood pressure, insomnia, high cholesterol and depression are just a few diseases that stress can contribute to. Learning to minimize stress is important to maintaining good health. There is a wide variety of supplements available to help with mood, relaxation and anxiety. Ask us today for more information.
  • Fatique/Energy – let’s face it, women’s health can be compromised when women try to do too much. Working, raising families, finding time for their significant other and keeping the house in order can be overwhelming. Staying energized is a big concern for many women.

There are simple, basic things women can do to help maintain optimal women’s health:

Eat a good diet – avoid fatty, junk foods and replace with lean meats, fresh salads, steamed/raw vegetables or healthy protein drinks.

Regular exercise – doing something you enjoy at least 3-5 times per week can help improve women’s health, fight stress, maintain a proper weight and keep you energized.

Basic nutrition – regularly take a multi vitamin (for energy and stress), probiotic (for gut health) and essential fatty acid (for heart health). This is what we call the BIG THREE – these three items can build you a good, healthy foundation for improved women’s health.

Obviously, eating right can make a difference in our health. But we all know that is not always easy – and our food system isn’t exactly what it used to be. That is where a good vitamin/supplement program designed specifically for the individual may play an important role in improving women’s health. Although vitamins can’t replace a healthy diet, they can certainly help supplement your diet with nutrients you may be missing.

Stop in today or call us – our nutrition specialists are trained to help you find the best supplements for meeting your individual healthcare needs.

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