Do you suffer from one or more health conditions that resist treatment? Such conditions may be caused by an imbalance in body chemistry. It may sometimes be due to an undiagnosed ailment. NeuroScience, Inc. is a pioneer in transforming research findings into clinically relevant diagnostic tests. They can help healthcare practitioners identify root causes and target biochemical imbalances, moving medicine beyond mere symptom relief.

NeuroScience, Inc. has developed a line of nutraceutical formulas. These supplement formulas specifically target the spectrum of neurotransmitter balances. Our unique combinations of neurotransmitter precursors, modulators and enzymatic co-factors provide effective options for many of today’s most common conditions.

Kavinace Supplement 

An example of one such supplement is Kavinace. Kavinace supplement combines two powerful ingredients that together effectively address symptoms of stress, anxiousness, and sleep issues. This formula contains the GABA derivative 4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid, which easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and acts as a GABAB agonist. Kavinace supplement also contains taurine, which functions as a calming amino acid. Taurine is a GABAA agonist and may increase GABA levels by increasing synthesis, preventing breakdown, and blocking reuptake of GABA. Kavinace supplement also includes vitamin B6, an important cofactor for the synthesis of GABA.

Kavinace is designed to address mood issues, such as depression. It is now understood that chronic inflammation is commonly found in depressed individuals. Chronic inflammation affects mood by altering brain chemicals and hormones. Depression is a medical condition that has both physical (biochemical) and emotional causes and consequences. This condition is not only characterized by feelings of low mood, loss of interest, worthlessness and guilt, but it can also include body aches, difficulty concentrating, trouble sleeping, weight fluctuations, or low libido. Depression can occur in many different severity ranging from mild sadness/loss of interest, to suicidal thoughts/actions but depression always has an underlying biochemical aspect.

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Kavinace Supplement
The Kavinace Supplement