Life is busy! Ever feel overwhelmed keeping up with the family schedule? Soccer games? Doctor Appointments? Laundry? Grocery Shopping?

Hoye’s Pharmacy is a family owned, compounding pharmacy focused on keeping your pharmacy needs easy. Our ability to customize compounded medications specifically for you quickly and efficiently gives you the peace of mind you need when choosing your preferred pharmacy. Our commitment to excellent customer service lets you know that your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Hoye’s Is Not Your Ordinary Compounding Pharmacy!

Hoye’s Pharmacy offers a variety of pharmacy services to help you and your family stay healthy and well. Our services include:

  • Custom compounding prescriptions for human medications prescribed by your physician
  • Custom compounding medications for animals – with a special focus on equine, dogs and cats!
  • Professional lines of over-the-counter supplements and vitamins
  • Clean, natural make-up, lipsticks, mascara and health and beauty items
  • Saliva Testing Kits for Hormone Levels
  • Essential Oils and Homeopathic Remedies

Visit our compounding pharmacy today and let us help you be the best you can be!

Do you take vitamins and supplements?


If you take vitamins and supplements, don’t forget to visit our store on the Third Thursday of every month and save 10% off your entire over the counter purchase – includes everything except prescriptions!  Try our natural make ups, deodorants and essential oils.  It’s our way of saying THANK YOU for your business!

Our next Thrifty Third Thursday – December 19, 2019!

Our Compounding Pharmacy Commitment

Our compounding pharmacy is committed to:

  • Offering the highest quality of customized medications at a fair price
  • Providing an outstanding level of customer service
  • Understanding the needs and expectations of our customers
  • Maintaining the highest level of quality controls in our state of the art laboratory

Hoye’s Pharmacy commitment to quality has earned us the following awards/certifications/accreditations:

  • PCAB Accreditation (less than 1% of compounding pharmacies have earned the highest level of accreditation for compounding pharmacy)
  • DynaLabs CQI Center of Excellence
  • 1st compounding pharmacy in Florida to earn the DuPont Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award in 1996

Customized Compounding Pharmacy Medicine

YOU are a unique individual and we take great pride in providing compounding pharmacy services UNIQUE to YOUR specific needs!

Hoye’s Pharmacy is an independently owned, specialty compounding pharmacy. Our pharmacy has been totally dedicated to compounding for over 25 years and is licensed throughout the United States. The first pharmacy in Florida to receive the DuPont Innovative Practice Award in 1996, our world class pharmacy team is committed to excellence in patient care with a special focus on:

In addition to the numerous therapies we work with, our compounding pharmacy has the ability to work with many different types of dosage forms. This allows us to provide you with the most convenient and therapeutically effective dosage solution.

As a compounding pharmacy, we have access to unlimited formulations, research and resources to help you and your physician select the perfect therapy for your specific, personal need. We respect the Triad of Care between Patient, Pharmacist and Physician and work closely within the Triad to find the best solutions possible.

Call or visit our compounding pharmacy to find out if compounded medications are an option for you and your family!