The skin is really an amazing part of the body. It is your body’s largest organ. Any product put on the body goes into the bloodstream and has to be converted by the liver.

The three main functions of the skin are:

Protective – your skins main job is to insulate and protect the body against invasion by bacteria and other foreign things. Quick fact: After sunburn, the skin breaks down and the risk of infection can increase. Remember that one of the leading factors to a wide variety of skin care problems is over exposure to the rays of the sun.

Sensory – the skin can sense 5 different kinds of stimuli: touch, pressure, heat, cold and pain.

Regulatory – the skin helps to control body temperature by distributing heat through the skin and by preventing dehydration.

There are many things that affect the condition of the skin from environmental factors like dirt, oil, dust, smoke, and pollution or even by psychological to physiological factors of stress and over fatigue.

A maintenance program for good skin health is from the outside in as well as the inside out. The skin has some pretty impressive qualities! In order to make sure that our skin is working at the optimum level, we should take extra measures to care for our skin by taking Vitamins A, C,E and K2 supplements as well as regular cleansing and lotion applications.

Drinking pure, clean water is also great for detoxification of the skin.

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