Our world-class team of Pharmacy STARS:

Skilled, Talented, Authentic, Respectful, Successful!

Our Pharmacy STARS are hand-picked to ensure our customers that their medication needs will be handled by a compassionate and innovative team totally committed to patient safety and successful therapeutic outcomes.

Meet the winners of our 2015 Employee of the Month STARS!

January: Angelica Fotopoulos
February: Kimberly Maisonet
March: Beverly Carter
April: John Borum
May: Johanna Pena
June: Devon Rohlfs
July: Christina Diaz-Brito
August: Victoria Nunez
September: Suzanne Carlin
October: Debra Pearson
November:  Christine Panzram
December: Jason Lopez

Meet the winners of our STAR Employee of the Year Award:

2014: Miguel Cardi
2013: Katherine Salcedo
2012: Cassie Colon


Hoye’s Pharmacy is a “Compounding Pharmacy” which specializes in Pain Management Medication, Scar Treatment, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Nutrition and Supplements and Veterinary Medicine.  For any Questions, please call 1-800-788-8123