For years I have battled insomnia, mostly due to stress and an over-active mind. Recently, due to some very big changes in life, I have been having mild panic attacks. My physician recommended some possible prescriptions, but I really didn't want to take oral medications. I consulted with the nutrition specialists at Hoye's Pharmacy and they recommended taking a healthy dose of magnesium about 30 minutes before bed. WOW!!! I cannot believe how a simple mineral manages insomnia! I have slept through the night for the past three nights and I feel fantastic. My mood has elevated, my patience has increased. Thank you, ladies, for helping me get my balance back!!! -Jennifer L. - .
What started as a tiny injury to my lower lip turned in to a month of itchy, bumpy, inflamed upper and lower lips. I tried dozens of lip treatments with no success -- many actually aggravated the condition. My doctor believed I was having an allergic reaction to something I was putting on my lips. Thanks to Hoye's which recommended Super-Lysine ointment, my lips healed within a week! Apparently I'm allergic to petroleum jelly and this product contained all natural ingredients in a beeswax base. I'm so thankful for their recommendation and this wonderful product! -Ann G. - .
About a year ago now I was having some lower back pain that was quite problematic because my job requires me to sit for long periods and the pain was only made worse by doing that. I talked to Dannielle about it and she recommended a product by Xymogen called Synovx. I tried it and it took the pain away within a few hours. I started taking it only for the occasional flare-up but I eventually began taking it on a daily basis. Recently, I had to go about a week before I could purchase more and I really noticed the difference in ALL my joints!! I'm never going to do that again!! Thanks Dannielle for all the advice. I really felt like she listened and had the perfect answer for ME. –Ann S. - .
I had major hair loss called alopecia (bald spots) all over my head. I had been to many different types of doctors and spent lots of money on blood work. Even went to an endocrinologist specialist and even he could not find any cause. Most of them called it auto-immune and told me I would have to live with it. After 3 years of going through this, I refused to accept that answer. I learned more about nutrition and stress on the body. About 6 weeks ago I went into Hoye's Pharmacy to get some supplements and talked to Debra. She ended up sending me many articles on different causes of hair loss. One of the articles mentioned something about yeast in the gut called Candida caused from eating the wrong foods. No doctor had mentioned it! I completely changed my diet and within a month all my hair was coming in. I did other things to help my cause, but I believe diet played the biggest role in my hair loss. Stress is another big cause. But Debra unlocked the missing link I had been searching for… for 3 years!! -Helena S. - .
I have been getting my father's compounded medication here since December 2014 and every time I call I always speak to a young lady name Barbara. We now had to change to a new formula, but Barbara kept in touch with me the whole time. Even got me the new medication before my father ran out of his old one. I love love love Hoyes pharmacy, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO! - Caroline S..
I just want to thank you for the excellent service I have received whenever I have spoken to someone in your pharmacy. They are always kind, patient and very helpful. Your compounded medication that I use is one of the best prescriptions I have used in my therapy. I am so grateful to you all. - Judy G..
Best compounded medications made!! My doctor was using a different pharmacy and it was horrible!! I will never allow another physician to use any other pharmacy again for my medication!! Hoye's has earned my business for life. - Brian S.
Not every compounding pharmacy is created equal...I like the PCAB accredidation and focus on quality that I get from Hoye's. - Thomas P.
Service and communication are fantastic! Thank you. - Taya F.
Hoye's Pharmacy has supplied me with a Pain Cream for my Shattered Ankle that is Absolutely the Best Ever. It Alleviates my Pain within minutes and I'm able to Function again. These People are Also the Most Professional, Kind and Caring People you Will ever meet. I Actually cannot say Enough Nice things about them. - Daphne P.
Awesome place, great service, premium knowledge and experience. Great selection of vitamins, supplements and healthy snacks. - Richard H.
Our cat needed a customized medication and the people at Hoye's Pharmacy were absolutely terrific, even contacting our vet to get the prescription details and mailing the compound to us immediately for an extremely reasonable cost. I cannot say thank you enough to their staff for both their professional attention and caring to us. Purrcy is very pleased too! I would highly recommend them for veterinary compounding medications! - Donna and Jay B.


Compounding Pharmacy

Hoye’s Pharmacy is a Compounding Pharmacy based in Tampa Bay, Florida, dedicated to creating specialized medication to meet the needs of individual patients. The benefit of compounding pharmacies is the ability to customize medications to fit the precise requirements of the patient’s prescription. This level of personalization is not available in chain drugstores as these medications are not mass-manufactured or produced. The compounding services offers dosage, delivery system, strengths, and many other factors for human and veterinary patients.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hoye’s Pharmacy offers Hormone Replacement Therapy to meet the individual requirements of our customers. Hormone Replacement Therapy is the process of restoring and maintaining the body’s balance of hormones with synthetic or Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Although it is traditionally thought of as a solution for menopausal women, Hormone Replacement Therapy is now becoming widely used by both men and women for many different reasons.

Thyroid Replacement Therapy

Thyroid imbalance will affect every organ in your body, so it is critical to maintain a balance.  Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) is created in the pituitary gland, secreted in the blood and travels to the thyroid to affect thyroid function. T3 or triiodothyronine is the most active of all the thyroid hormones.  T4 is the inactive form of thyroid hormone is produced in the thyroid and must be converted into the active T3 thyroid hormone.  Hoye’s compounding pharmacy is a resource of information for Hormone Therapy for patients and practitioners.